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History & Culture

Pictou has a variety of museums that capture its rich cultural and maritime heritage dating back to 1773 when some of the first Scottish settlers landed on its shores. Take a deep dive into Pictou's vibrant history or explore our fishing culture and touch a live lobster!


The Hector Heritage Quay 

The Hector Heritage Quay is home to the Ship Hector, a full-sized replica of the original ship which brought the first wave of emigrants from Scotland to Nova Scotia in 1773.  Visit the Quay's boat yard as ship building masters rebuild the Ship Hector replica.


The Northumberland Fisheries Museum

The Northumberland Fisheries Museum prides itself on preserving the rich sea heritage and culture along the Northumberland Strait. This local attraction pays tribute to the life of all those involved - past and present, in the fishing industry throughout the region.


McCulloch House Museum & Geneology Centre

Along with a broad range of exhibits on local history and culture, The McCulloch Genealogy Centre hosts an archival and research facility, includes hundreds of personal and corporate documents, family histories, newspapers on microfilm, vital statistics and much more.

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decoste Performing Arts Centre

The new DeCoste Performing Arts Centre features an extensive renovation of its theatre and expansion with a modern library, shared spaces and commissioned art projects.  This cultural hub is home to amazing musical performances and dynamic arts programming.

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