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Vendor Village
Information & Form

Join Vendor Village on the Pictou Waterfront this Summer!

Vendor Village is part of a unique area on the Pictou Waterfront that beckons both locals and visitors to enjoy musical performances, special events, markets, and more. This multifaceted area of the waterfront also provides amenities such as play areas, art installations, water access, recreation rentals, and a variety of seating options along the water's edge. 


Vendor Village provides makers, artisans and producers with the ability to showcase their products, services, or purchasable tourism/recreation experiences in kiosks on the Pictou waterfront for the summer months. 

We encourage you to fill out the short Vendor Interest Form at the bottom of this page to express your interest with no obligation. We'll then be in touch!



Vendor Village is located at 37 Caladh Avenue with direct exposure to Caladh Avenue and views of Pictou Harbour.

Size of kiosks: 

Vendor Village kiosks come in a variety of sizes all with double doors, and at least one window. Sizes include 10'x10', 10'x12', and 10'x16'. 

What you can expect to pay for a Vendor Village kiosk:

  • Full-time kiosk (open 5 to 7 days a week): $250 - $400/month depending on size of kiosk

  • Part-time kiosk (open 3 to 4 days a week): $150 - $200/month depending on size of kiosk

  • Occasional Kiosk (special events or one weekend per month): $75/2 days, 10'x10' kiosks only

Requirements to be a kiosk vendor:

  1. Operate a quality kiosk that focuses on Nova Scotia-made products, services, and/or purchasable tourism/recreational experiences. No second hand-items unless you are selling repurposed or up-cycled items.

  2. Offer a range of price points and ensure an accessible and welcoming experience for everyone.

  3. Provide an excellent experience for the customer regarding product and/or service quality, staff service, perceived value; abide by established hours of operation agreed upon by all vendors. 

  4. Complement other permanent and seasonal commercial businesses in Pictou.

  5. Obtain any  Federal, Provincial, or Municipal licenses and permits required for the proposed operation and comply with all health and safety regulations.   Anyone wishing to sell food items must have a valid Food Handlers Permit.

  6. Sign a license agreement with the Town of Pictou for the term of the rental. 

Vendor Interest Form

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