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Descendants and Mi'kmaq take part in re-enactment of 150 anniversary of Ship Hector landing

The NSMuseum, Halifax P113/84.2.2/N-12,136 1923. To view the image with a magnifier visit:

This posed photograph was taken during a re-enactment and celebration of the 1773 landing of the Scottish settlers from the ship Hector.

Descendants of the original settlers, as well as neighboring Mi'kmaq, took part, including Chief Matthew Francis of Pictou Landing, and former chief Peter Wilmot.

Seated in the foreground at extreme left is Elizabeth Paul, Maliseet wife of Mi'kmaq Jerry Lonecloud, wearing a beaded peaked cap borrowed for the occasion from the Nova Scotia Museum collection.

The seated woman seventh from the left, not wearing a cap, is Bessie Prosper Thomas, the wife of John Thomas. To her right is a small girl wearing a headband with feathers: Martha, daughter of Chief Matthew Francis of Pictou Landing - the seated man fourth from right.

Fifth from right is his brother, Steve Francis. Chief John Stark is the first completely visible standing man at right, wearing a beaded chief's coat and a black hat. He is flanked by his wife, on the left, who has Louisa Julian on her other side.

Seated, front row, second from left, is former chief of Pictou Landing, Peter Wilmot, backed by Jerry Lonecloud, who holds a knife made from moose bone, with the blade pointing straight up.

Standing, from left, are Chief John Stark of Prince Edward Island, Isaac Sack of Shubenacadie, NS, six Unknowns; John Thomas of Pictou Landing, half brother to Chief Matthew Francis; and others, as yet unidentified. The photo also includes a Mi'kmaq boy seated on the ground at front left

To view the image with a magnifier visit the McCulloch Centre website at:

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